The 9 cm phalaenopsis with the MoreLIPS label is a colourful flowering plant. 
With MoreLIPS you give not only a plant but also love and friendship.
The compact size of the phalaenopsis make it an excellent match for the cheerful MoreLIPS packaging.

Product range

The show sleeve is available in 4 colours, mixed or in a single colour; the pot covers come in the same 4 colours, and these can also be ordered in a single colour or mixed colours on each tray.
In this way you can get beautiful colour combinations for each season or public holiday.


The Phalaenopsis p9 is available to order in the MoreLIPS packaging. 
The various combinations can be ordered from the retailers of the Comfort Plant Group and D.C. van Geest. 
Of course, you can also order via FloraXchange.

More information about the origins and care of Phalaenopsis can be found here.