The beautiful Areca Palm creates new 'pins' from the center of the plant. These roll out into new leaves.

The Areca Palm is available in several pot sizes, the beautiful compact pot size 19 cm and approx. 90 cm high. The palms in pot size 21 cm are about 100 cm tall, in 24 cm we deliver the plants from 120 cm. The largest size we grow is the pot size 27cm with a height of about 150cm. Do not place an Areca in a draft or near a heat source.

We grow Calathea in various varieties. The plants are available in the attractive, compact 17cm pot and 21cm pot. A new leaf regularly rolls out and the plant continues to grow.
The Calathea needs a place without direct sunlight, preferably little light, but (relatively) a lot of water. It is therefore recommended to regularly water the plant in small amounts. When the Calathea gets older, the leaf markings in the old leaf will fade.

The Monstera has very characteristic leaves. The leaves are 'full of holes' that develop in maturity. The plants are available in pot size 21cm.

The Monstera is very strong and very easy to care for. The plant can be in both a dark and a light place. The more light, the faster the plant grows. Just do not place the Monstera in direct sunlight. In winter, the plant rests, don't count on many new leaves.

The Musa, also known as the banana plant, is available in a 21cm pot. The growth of the Musa takes place from the top, the dark tip is the growing point from which the new leaf rolls out.

The Musa is suitable for sunny places at home or at the office. The temperature may vary from 18-28 degrees. Make sure that the soil remains sufficiently moist. The Musa Banana can grow up to 2 meters high in a spacious pot.

Our beautiful Strelitzias can be recognized by their beautiful fresh, large, shiny leaves. We have the Strelitzia in the beautiful, compact pot size 17cm and 55-70cm high. The plants in a 21cm growing pot are about 1m high and the larger size in a 27cm pot is about 1.50m high. On request, we also grow our largest size, in pot size 36cm, from 160-200cm high.
Strelitzias like a light place, preferably near a window. If the plant is comfortable, it will always make a new leaf that slowly unrolls. The leaf may tear a bit, this is a natural process.

We have a wide range of Phalaenopsis species. We grow the large-flowered varieties in pot size 12cm and in pot size 23cm. We also have a nice line with large-flowered varieties in the Glamor collection. Our Multis are delivered under the well-known You & Me label or, if it can be really sweet, with Ultimate Sweetness packaging.

Phalaenopsis is an ideal plant for the home; it blooms slowly, so that the flowers in the buds will show themselves more and more. The plant requires a lot of light, preferably no direct sunlight. With one or two splashes of water a week, you can fully enjoy the flower sprays. When the branch has finished flowering, cut the branch to just above the second eye.