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Więcej pąków, więcej kwiatów, większy potencjał.

Więcej o naszych Phalaenopsis

Zdrowa zieleń

Poczuj się komfortowo w zielonym środowisku. Rośliny odgrywają ważną rolę..

Więcej o naszych zielonych roślinach

The address for green and flowering plants!

Geest Potplanten is a progressive company, located at various locations in the municipality of Westland.

Our range consists of different types and sizes of Phalaenopsis (orchid), Areca palms, various types of Calathea, Monstera, Musa and Strelitzia.

Keukenhof 2022

We look back on a few successful weeks in Keukenhof. Many people have been able to experience the true jungle vibe and gain inspiration in the Beatrix pavilion. Easily apply greenery to your home and everyday life.

atmospheric images

We regularly take atmospheric photos of our beautiful plants in various interiors. If you would like to use our photos for marketing purposes, please inform us about the possibilities.


We are MPS-A, -GAP and -Socially Qualified registered under number 600780. We guarantee a stable working method through constant quality control, including internal and external audits. We are also a participant in ProductProof, which makes it clear to our customers at any time what is present in our product.

GGN Certified Farming

The GGN label stands for certified, responsible agriculture and transparency. Transparency is at the heart of this label.

The GGN label is a universal label for good agricultural practices, with a strong core in food safety and traceability.