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The right address for green and flowering plants!

D.C. van Geest potplanten is a forward-thinking nursery with five locations in Westland. We grow potted plants with the utmost care on an area covering 15 hectares. 

Our product range consists of Areca, Musa, Radermachera, Schefflera and our Phalaenopsis. . They can be recognised by our own G-style, Ultimate Sweetness and Glamour Collection labels. 

MPS -A, -GAP, -Socially Qualified achieved again!

Since April we have achieved the "on the way to PlanetProof" quality mark.  We grow our plants under the most pleasant conditions for the environment and environment and with an extra long shelf life. This quality mark checks these circumstances and conditions. 
In addition to PlanetProof, we are also very transparent via ProductProof. This way our customers can see which resources are used in our products. In addition, we participate in the FSI project to broadly support this openness in the chain.