You & Me in a green world

Plants and trees are very important to humans. Plants supply oxygen, absorb CO2, and emit water vapour, thereby improving ambient humidity. In addition, plants remove harmful substances from the air via their leaves.

The important role of plants

Plants also play a big and important role during our daily activities. Plants promote human productivity and creativity. The presence of plants improves concentration; they improve the ambience (making your living environment more attractive) and reduce stress. Plants improve a room’s acoustics (by absorbing background noise) and filter out harmful high frequencies. People feel happier in a green environment.


A greener world

Making the world greener is necessary and feasible. We hold the earth in trust for our children and grandchildren. We want to have as little impact as possible on nature. We make our choices by choosing the best option for the environment and our fellow human beings. Where possible, we green our environment, and we deliver our plants with no unnecessary additions.
We hope that you, with our plants, will opt for a piece of nature in your surroundings: You & Me in a green world.