The right address for potted plants

Geest Potplanten is a forward-thinking nursery with five locations in Westland. We grow potted plants with the utmost care on an area covering 15 hectares. 
Our product range consists of Areca, Calathea, Monstera, Musa, Strelitzia and our Phalaenopsis. . They can be recognised by our own G-style, Ultimate Sweetness and Glamour Collection labels. 

Together. Improve. Success.

Together with our staff, we are committed to living up to our company's core values each and every day. 

  •  Close collaboration
  •  Ambitious performance
  •  Contributing to success
    ... are our motivations, experience it for yourself!

Our promises

This is what we offer our customer and suppliers: 

  • fresh products, deliverd just-in-time
  • regular collaboration with suppliers
  • the longevity or our plants
  • flexibility, customer is king
  • environmentally aware choices
  • outstanding product tracking & tracing system


Our sales are conducted through FloraHolland and Rhein Maas auctions. Our current product range can be viewed on Floriday. If you have any specific requirements with regard to deliveries, packaging or added value, please get in touch with us directly. We can then run through the options with you.

Product Range

Green and blooming, large and small... our range consists of all kinds of tropical plants.
On our overview pages you will find more about the plants we grow, including Phalaenopsis and various green plants such as:
the Areca, the Calathea, the Monstera, the Musa and the Strelitzia.

If you are curious about tips on caring for the plants, it is best to go to the plant page.

Maximum biological phalaenopsis

Every day our crop experts are busy to keep the ecological system in our greenhouses in a good balance. Jan van Bleijswijk, our crop supervisor explains how: "Our Phalaenopis plants grow and flourish without the use of chemicals, but by the use of natural enemies. To achieve this we have strict hygiene rules for our employees and visitors. We check every day which and how many animals are traveling in our greenhouses. Counting, checking and recording. A real painstaking work, but by result that we pick up organic plants!"

We are MPS-A, -GAP and -Socially Qualified registered under number 600780. We guarantee a stable working method through constant quality control, including internal and external audits. We are also a participant in ProductProof, which makes it clear to our customers at any time what is present in our product. The juices of the plant are tested with so-called residue analyses. This shows which products have been used during the propagation. With ProductProof, companies can connect to always have up-to-date information.

Sustainable growth

Together Improve Success. That's what we stand for. This applies to the cooperation with suppliers and customers, but also internally. Together with all employees, we made a start in 2016 to increase the self-management of our team members. We work closely together in small teams and we regularly look back on our working method: what is going well and what could be improved? The ideas that we come up with together and find good to apply, are converted into actions by the teams themselves and shared and implemented.

In this way, everyone contributes to the success of our company and the customer. And in this way we also utilize the talents of all team members.