The Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens or Dypsis, or simply Areca, originally came from South America, so it is a genuine tropical palm. 

For instance, you come across Arecas growing wild in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. For the first part of their life the palms still will grow there. Then they are shipped to the Netherlands to adjust to life in a European climate. When the plants are around two years old, strong and take on a fresh green colour, we deliver them to garden centres, florists and DIY-stores throughout Europe.

Constant quality

Our Arecas are always of the same high quality. By working with fixed suppliers in Central-America and work according to a solid growing recipe, we make this possible. 

We pay a great deal of attention to selecting and sorting the plants. Our Areca palms are available in sizes ranging from 90cm to 180cm in height.


The plant grows new needles (start of a leaf) from its centre. These unfurl to form new fronds. The young leaf of the Areca is light green, later turning slightly darker green. If the leaf tips become withered, they can be trimmed with a pair of scissors. 

Never place an Areca in a draught or close to a heat source. This will reduce the chances of the plant catching a disease or pest infestation anything flying past. Should, however, the plant become diseased, remove the entire needle or frond on which the pests can be seen.


The Areca-palm is easy to care for, which will last a very long time. After purchasing the areca it will first sag slightly and become wider. This is quite normal as the plant is using the space it has been given. After some time, and if cared for well, new fronds will sprout giving the plant a fuller look. 

You can clearly see whether the plant is thirsty from the upper part of the root ball. If the plant is sufficiently watered, the soil will have a dark colour. If not, then it is time to water it. Give the Areca palm a drink of water, possibly with the addition of some plant food, about twice a week.

Air purifier

Did you know that the Areca palm is famous for its air purifying properties? The plant is capable of making large volumes of air healthier. By converting CO2 into oxygen, the presence of the Areca palm improves the air quality of the room in which it stands. 

Every plant produces oxygen, but the Areca does much more than that by:

  • improving air humidity through evaporation 
  • creating healthier air by converting CO2 into oxygen
  • neutralising harmful gasses (e.g. from printers or paint)

A part of our assortment can be ordered via the webshop Similarly, different sizes of Areca palm.
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