Strelitzia Nicolai

Strelitzia is a houseplant from the Musaceae family (banana plant), which you can see from the leaf shape. Strelitzia Nicolai has various nicknames, such as: Giant white bird of paradise or wild banana. The shape and colour of the flowers are what gave it its nicknames. This beautiful plant originates in South Africa. With its large green leaves, it provides a real jungle feeling.


In summer, Strelitzia needs a lot of water; enough for the soil to be just about dry again after a week. Be sure that the roots are not in the water. In winter, the soil may be allowed to dry out a little more. Continue to water the plant once a week but reduce the amount you give. This will encourage it to flower in spring.
It is not necessary to spray Strelitzia. However, spraying it will help remove dust from the plant so more light can reach the leaf.


It is possible that the outer leaves of Strelitzia turn brown after a while. This is a natural process and sometimes nothing can be done about it. You can remove brown points or prune the petiole 2 cm above its base. Should Strelitzia suffer from brown spots, then this is usually a sign of overwatering.
If you manage to get the plant to bloom, you could remove the dead flowers from 2 cm above the base.

Right location

Strelitzia loves a nice bright spot. Always place Strelitzia in a window and in winter, preferably in a south-facing one. Too little light will halt the plant’s growth and often cause ugly foliage.

Strelitzia brings atmosphere into your interior and its large, fresh leaves are a beautiful addition to your room.